Krupa Patel

Krupa Patel: Graphic Design Year 4

Krupa Patel is a 2015 graduate of our BFA Graphic Design programme. She was born in India, has lived in New Zealand for almost nineteen years and attended Botany Downs Secondary College before coming to Whitecliffe. Krupa says, “I still visit India often and love it because we have lots of family and friends there. The culture, shopping and weather are somewhat indescribable.”

When asked why she chose Whitecliffe, she says that her older sister Nupur, is a Whitecliffe graduate and spoke highly of our school and course. Krupa decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and apply to Whitecliffe for study in Graphic Design. She comments, “If you know me personally, you know I’m super organized and neurotic! I’ve always had an interest, from about Year 8, in art and graphics. I come from a family where at least five of us have studied graphics or fashion in some part of the world. I found that art was something that always made me happy and whether I was good at it or not, didn’t even matter at the time. Then came the end of Year 12 in high school, and I just wasn’t being challenged enough at school. This led me to apply for Whitecliffe a year early and boom! I got accepted and it has been a rollercoaster ride ever since.”

What Krupa enjoyed most about studying at Whitecliffe “regardless of your major (e.g. graphic design), you are not restricted to stay within that area. The enjoyment of being able to study in an environment that is multi-disciplinary is probably the aspect I enjoyed the most.” Her current work and research “lies in user experience design. I have built my project around UX design and how people communicate with each other. I have been looking at theories like the Social Graphic and Myers Briggs to create a system of filtering people in the same physical space into groups, where they will be able to interact with like-minded people. I hope to achieve this through an app I am creating called ‘Connect Works’. I am not a digital person. And by that I mean, I like working by hand and incorporating digital at a later stage. So designing an app has been a bit of a challenge. But to play to my strengths, I have been able to work in a very systematic and organized manner. Here’s hoping it pays off!”

Her motivation for her own design work is success. She comments, “I tend to be very goal-oriented, so the main thing that motivates me is the end. The feeling of accomplishing something to the standard I expect is motivation enough to keep on keeping on. “

Within the next couple of years, Krupa says, “I hope to be working in a design studio working as an account executive. I don’t want to rule out design, but I’d rather step back for a while and learn the skills of a studio and project management, as well as client relations. But within the next 2 years, I will be moving to California permanently which I am really looking forward to.” Her advice for someone considering studying Graphic Design or getting into the creative industries is “don’t stress!!! It took me 3 years and a semester to realize this. Don’t let the stress eat away at you because it takes all the fun out of the kill.”

Krupa Patel