Jason Richards


Within just one year of graduating, Jason had moved to New York and was working as a graphic and print designer for Opening Ceremony, specialising in textiles, graphics, illustration and branding but all within a fashion context. Jason says “I knew I wanted to work in fashion but didn't want to construct clothes. I chose Graphic Design as it would allow me to work in the industry from a different angle – at a fashion magazine doing print design or a label’s headquarters doing marketing and advertising or textile design. I knew the options would be endless.”

While a student at Whitecliffe, Jason was as an in-house designer for two years and had three internships- Bantam NZ, Scizzorface and Stolen Girlfriends Club. “Each one exposed me to different skills and experiences so by the time I graduated I had clocked enough real world experience that I wasn't intimidated to take on certain roles. “

Jason feels that Whitecliffe is well-respected by the New Zealand design community and credits the Whitecliffe Graphic Design faculty as playing a “a huge role’ in his success. “I learnt technical skills but most importantly Whitecliffe developed my creative thinking which shaped the way I approach design in my practice. The lecturers were personable, relatable and practicing themselves which always made it easy to trust their advice and feedback. It wasn’t just my education at Whitecliffe but the spirit and community that was so valuable. My experience there was amazing, I would relive it in a heartbeat.”

Jason’s work in New York includes collaborative projects with brands such as Reebok, Nike, Vans and Dickies. Next on the agenda is a move to London where he says “I plan to continue working in fashion but maybe at a magazine to broaden my skills. If I do stick with textile design a bit longer, I would love to work at Gucci or JW Anderson - Fashion labels with insane, vibrant expression! Eventually though, I will settle back home in New Zealand and establish my own freelance company specializing in textile print design.”

Jason Richards