Grace Kim

Grace Kim – Graphic Design Graduate

“Every week is different and that's what I love about my job. One week I could be at a photographer's studio shooting an ad campaign; the next week I’ll be working on a product brochure,” says Graphic Design graduate Grace Kim.

Grace became an intern at multidisciplinary design studio Alt Group while in Year Three at Whitecliffe. In Year Four she worked there part-time, and after graduating two years ago she joined the team as a full-time designer.

A highlight of her time at Whitecliffe came in her fourth and final year when she could initiate her own briefs. “Even though it was more difficult, the opportunity to explore what I was interested in as a designer was great,” she says.

“Whitecliffe's programme was perfect for me. Initially I was split between majoring in Graphic Design or Fine Arts, so taking both the first-year introductory papers was really helpful.”

Grace Kim