Brittnee Covich

Brittnee Covich - Graphic Design Year Four

“I think there is a romantic idea of art school that’s very exciting - the idea of studying at an institution where everyone’s sole focus is to create. Being surrounded by people who are just as inspired as you is a great environment to be in,” says Year Four Graphic Design student Brittnee Covich.

Brittnee Covich attended Kaitaia College, the northernmost town in New Zealand. Brittnee says, “ I love it, there are 17 beaches I can get to within a 30-minute drive. It’s definitely more the place you go for the summer, as opposed to somewhere you go to have business meetings and drink lattes.”

Commenting on applying for study at Whitecliffe, Brittnee says “ I applied to Whitecliffe not knowing the major I intended to choose. Graphic Design ended up being a perfect fit though, as I enjoy the strategy aspect of the business as well as the creative side. Graphic Design also allows the flexibility for multidisciplinary work, which is a very important thing for me. Whitecliffe encourages working collaboratively with other students on projects. The small class sizes means that you always know what other people are getting up to. Both students and faculty are able to give considered feedback as you have already been working closely with them for four years.”

At the moment, Brittnee is working towards her year-long graduate project. She is “experimenting with ideas surrounding multisensory design, fundamentals of marketing and methods of delivery.” While completing her studies, Brittnee is also interning at design studio Alt Group, street wear company Forty Thieves and working on numerous projects on the side.

Her advice for someone considering studying Graphic Design is this: “don’t just look at Graphic Design for inspiration. This is an idea I’ve heavily adopted this year, which I wish I used from the start. I really enjoy cross collaborations and think it’s the best way to learn and translate skills and ideas. Find what you love, then apply and adapt it to your own work and designs.” Brittnee’s own inspiration comes from “people that I know who are just out there doing it. I think when you see people excited and proud of their own work, it’s very hard not to be inspired. Within the industry, I am also currently looking at Gosha Rubchinskiy, Polanski Magazine and Yale University of Art.”

As for her future plans, Brittnee is going to Los Angeles and New York next year to “learn, explore and check out the international design scene.” She also says that in the long term she “wants to be in a position where no two days are the same. Being a multidisciplinary designer allows for so much freedom, which is very exciting!”

Brittnee Covich