Kay Tasma


Kay says she switched to Graphic Design after a year at university, studying psychology and art history, because “I see Graphic Design as an industry that crosses over a vast range of mediums, outcomes and platforms and I wanted to extend my knowledge of visual communication “ 

“The close-knit community at Whitecliffe and the availability of support from faculty were factors that helped me choose Whitecliffe” and “the open studio environment has been a natural way for students across all year levels to collaborate and learn from each other. We are establishing partnerships now that will extend beyond my time at Whitecliffe and into my future career as a designer. “

In addition, Kay says that “learning practical art methods early in the degree have become important core skills” and that her studies in general at Whitecliffe “have been incredibly valuable as the degree includes a variation of conceptual and technical work.”

In 2016, as a Year 2 student, Kay won The Acorn Foundation: Jan Medlicott Creative Arts Award and was awarded prize money of $2,000 towards her studies “for her obvious dedication to her artistic education.” Once she graduates, Kay intends to work in brand identity and/or editorial publication, both areas of design that she finds stimulating and challenging saying “I look forward to being part of the ever-changing, ever-developing and ever-expanding field of Graphic Design.”


Kay Tasma