Paul Phanoulas


Paul graduated at the end of 2016 and by February 2017 had established the design studio New Territory in partnership with a friend and recent design graduate Rob Lewis. The studio is positioning itself for companies that want avant-garde design that is not seen elsewhere in New Zealand.

The philosophy at New Territory is to combine traditional graphic design skills with technology like Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, 3D modelling and robotics enabling production of work that provides innovative results for clients.

Paul says “one of the points of difference with our studio and our creative direction is that we approach new technology as just another tool. It's a language of our times and is accessible enough now to incorporate into our internal and client projects."

New Territory has begun working on several projects including branding and online store for a large new luxury fashion retailer and a sensory based audio installation for an album launch which will make their debut before the end of 2017. This is among several smaller scale projects that the studio works on regularly.

Paul says “the Graphic Design department at Whitecliffe really lets you explore the side of the industry that interests you as a designer. There were aspects that were of particular significance for me, especially in my graduate project, that weren’t supported at all in a traditional graphic design environment. Rather than try to reign me in, the lecturers were exceptionally supportive of my exploring uncharted territories, providing insights and support along the way. In the final year, they still provide direction but almost take a back seat and let you find your own feet so you learn to keep control and mark your own space as a designer.”

Paul Phanoulas