Sam Boanas

“In the last few months I have achieved a decent body of creative work to apply for courses next year, so the course has been a real success for me,” explains Foundation student Sam Boanas!


Sam completed an arts degree in Dunedin last year, but felt dissatisfied.

“I decided I’d like to do something more creative. I love to paint and draw so I came to Whitecliffe to improve my art skills and see if an art career is for me or not.”

Sam chose the Whitecliffe Foundation Certificate in Arts and Design course because it only required a five month commitment; a good time limit in which to test whether creative study was for him.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. Most of our classes have a set structure where our mediums are chosen for us but we always have a wide scope for our final pieces. Some of us will use charcoal, some will use paint and others photography, so from the same brief we all end up with very different works.”

He was also attracted by Whitecliffe’s central location in Auckland city.

“I’ve also enjoyed the small class sizes; we normally have 15 people or less in each class.”


Sam Boanas