Israa Barghash

Israa Barghash, who was born and raised in Syria, enrolled in the Certificate in Digital Media & Design in July 2017 and is now a recent graduate, having completed the 18-week programme with high marks and a strong portfolio. She tells us about her background and her student learning experience at Whitecliffe.


Israa, whose home country is well-known for its architecture, food and the ancient cities of Palmyra and Mari says “I didn't integrate my culture with my studies at Whitecliffe. Instead, I took the opportunity to explore a lot of other cultures and social issues in my research and studies. For example, in the first workshop project, I explored the Tā moko tattoos of Māori. For another workshop about activism, I chose the topic of suicide and the effect it has on people and society.”


She chose the Certificate in Digital Design & Media because she wanted to learn new skills as well as digital design techniques - “Whitecliffe encouraged me to research and develop creative and interesting projects, to develop my critical-thinking and design practice, and to build my portfolio step-by-step.” She continues, “what I really enjoyed about the learning environment was how the students were interested in similar things and were all taught methods for thinking creatively and as individuals. The supportive environment gave us all the confidence to show our work.”


Whitecliffe “is an inspiring place, which gives students the resources to build on their own ideas and excel in their area of study. Completing the programme with this skill level has opened a lot of doors for me professionally already - I have been asked to design websites and design café menus. It is such a huge thing for me that gives me great pleasure and I am very grateful to Whitecliffe.”


As for the future, Israa will continue to practice and develop her skills and keep up with her research of designs and designers. She hopes to build her knowledge towards studying architecture.

Israa Barghash