Carmen Fung



“My graphic design life pretty much started with the Whitecliffe Foundation programme because it allowed me to discover my enormous interest in graphic design,” says graphic designer Carmen Fung, who completed the Foundation Certificate in 2008.


Although Carmen had done a little art at school, she hadn’t done enough to get into Art School and certainly not enough to feel she had a chance at a career in the creative industries.

The Foundation programme changed all that. Carmen was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts, choosing to major in Graphic Design, after exploring a wide range of arts and design subjects in Year One.


“Whitecliffe changed the way I think and that has hugely affected my creative thinking.”


In Year Three Carmen attended the 2011 Best Awards ceremony and was inspired by the winning designers to push herself to attain a higher level of design. And she did. In Year Four her design was selected for the Whitecliffe Graduate Catalogue cover and End of Year Exhibitions promotion. That design then won her a bronze at the Best Awards; an annual Designers Institute competition to celebrate the best designs of the year.


Since graduating, Carmen has been busy with contract graphic design work.


“As a graphic designer; I particularly love seeing my work published and seeing other people 'using' my design and liking it. That then becomes my motivation - to create more and more good design.”


Carmen Fung