Patricia Long - MFA

When asked why she came to Whitecliffe and what she achieved here, Patricia Long replied "I researched possible places where I could achieve what I perceived I desired. I wanted the authority to know the theory and the practice of art. Whitecliffe had the potential to do this. I believe that Whitecliffe provided the climate and collegial support that was appropriate for me to achieve my goals. I learned to walk my own path by means of very professional studio and research and critique development, to resolve personal conundrums; to 'know' and to have faith in my skills to use the art processes for my own visual expression and to seek meaning in the art of others."

Since graduating in 2006 Patricia has continued her personal ongoing research, unceasing experimentation and questioning and knowledge of what is going on in the 'art world'. She has also had one solo exhibition, and 3 group shows with more in the pipeline.