Heather Hourigan

The Master of Fine Arts degree programme gained from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design 2001, provided me with the environment to change and become connected with my own creative processes. This moved my art into a contemporary style of building up and abrading many layers using pigments, rabbit skin glue, powdered marble on marine plywood. I liked to think that the viewer got a sense of the time that had passed in the execution of the works. In other words, each painting has a sense of history which I see as an inscription of my journey through that particular painting.

My new work in process is influenced by digital media, photography and the moving image, where I am taking my layering processes hopefully to more innovative levels. Working on the interface between the photographic and the painted mark on aluminium and glass, is enabling me to produce ambiguous plays with actual marks, reflections, transparencies and shadows.

I have recently been presented with a new opportunity to work with still and moving images for 'Tarnished Frocks and Devas' 2007. A Tauranga based performance/retro fashion show. I see this as an exciting extension to my work, this time with manipulation of still and moving imagery and the open ended possibilities that can be produced, through computer manipulation of digital film. I will be working with Vanessa Hamman film maker/writer.