Paris Kirby

Paris Kirby - Fine Arts Year Four

“You can tailor a fine arts degree to wherever your interests lie, but be prepared to be challenged! Studying fine art pushes you to understand how you as an artist fit into the world,” says Year Four Fine Arts student Paris Kirby.

Paris originally won a scholarship to study Fashion Design at Whitecliffe, but after completing Year One, which is designed to give students a broader introduction to the majors at Whitecliffe, she decided that Fine Arts was the direction she wanted to pursue.

She has made the most of her time, getting involved in many activities including multi-disciplinary studio ‘Flagship’, the Rhythm and Vines festival, The Department Store, leading fashion brand Stolen Girlfriends Club, art event First Thursdays, and a number of exhibitions. All these experiences have extended her as an artist, and increased her contacts in the “real world”.

“Everyone’s work and ideas are vastly different and inspiring. I’ve had the support to build the foundations for a sustainable art practice.”

Paris Kirby