Mary Whalley

Mary Whalley BFA

“People and art are what I love and I’m constantly trying to bring the two closer together in an interesting and meaningful way,” declares Mary Whalley, artist, primary school teacher and art magazine editor.

Mary’s art explores themes around accessibility of art, with most of her art projects occurring outside gallery spaces, such as the Public Table Sculpture project she created to promote discussion about the politics and possibilities of public sculpture.

“I am interested in bringing art experiences and discussions about art to a wide range of people. I feel I am an educator in my role as artist, as well as school teacher. I love using my everyday environment - such as my walk to work - as my works and display space.”

Mary initially enrolled at Whitecliffe because it was a small art school. Her experience at Whitecliffe has significantly shaped her current practice.

“I learned how to work out the value of an idea, how to question, test and strengthen it, and find the best way to convey it.”

Mary Whalley