Mahsa Khosravi


“Studying Fine Arts has given me a perfect opportunity to enhance my skills and gain more in depth knowledge of art and professional practice,” says BFA graduate Mahsa Khosravi.

She says the programme enabled her to understand her strengths and weaknesses and develop a strong understanding of how to continue as an art practitioner.

“The programme prepared us well for the real world outside of university. Critiques, workshops and deadlines were designed to help us become familiar with the pressure and time frames of the real world.”

Mahsa has also discovered many galleries and met many artists over her time at Whitecliffe.

“This is making all the difference in my practice and is helping me make good connections with the art community for the future as well.”

As a recipient of a membership prize from Artist Alliance for her end of year exhibition, Mahsa feels very excited about her future.


“I would like to establish myself in a studio to create and achieve all the ideas that I thought about while studying. The prize will assist me greatly in achieving these goals and discover new opportunities.”

Mahsa Khosravi