Daphne Simons

Daphne Simons - Fine Arts Year Four

“There is a lot of creative freedom here. You really can pursue whatever you want, as long as you justify it – and the justification comes naturally if you work hard and enjoy it,” says Daphne Simons.

A Year Four Fine Arts student, Daphne has made the most of her time at Whitecliffe, winning a number of awards including the Wikiriwhi Scholarship to New York. She has exhibited at many galleries, including Win! Gallery, Artspace, Snake Pit and Ferari. Daphne, along with fellow Fine Arts student Mark O’Donnell, recently completed a summer residency at Dog Park Art Project Space in Christchurch.

Whitecliffe was recommended to Daphne by her art teachers, who had all completed their Master of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe. She is glad she followed their advice.

“I can't say enough about the quality of the lecturers and studio advisors in Fine Arts. They have impressive artistic track records, and if you put the work in, they treat you as peers rather than students.”

Daphne Simons