Kahurangiariki Smith


“Drawing upon lecturers’ fields of expertise and other students’ experiences is a great resource for better understanding the broader arts context” states Year Three Fine Arts student Kahurangiariki Smith.

Kahurangiariki initially studied science at Waikato University while working part time, but found herself drawn to fine arts. So, while working and studying, she also created a portfolio with which she then successfully applied to the first year of the Whitecliffe Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Choosing Whitecliffe was easy she says. “The sense of students being nurtured there definitely swayed my decision as I got the impression I would have more one-on-one time and access to my lecturers, than at a larger university. I also heard that Whitecliffe had a good reputation for supporting Maori and Pasifika students,” explains Kahurangiariki, who additionally liked the fact that the co-founder of Whitecliffe, Greg Whitecliffe, was from Te Arawa, the same iwi as Kahurangiariki.

She considers that the well-rounded combination of theory and hands-on practice along with business and marketing papers at Whitecliffe prepare students well for the realities of the art industry. Studying fine arts is constantly expanding her perceptions of art, while introducing her to a supportive network of artists, friends and future colleagues.

“I eventually would love to have the freedom to create my own projects but I’m also interested in teaching and being involved in local initiatives.”

Kahurangiariki Smith