Anthony Mauinatu


“The thing that impresses me the most with fine arts is that you are not placed in a box. It has endless options that include the worlds of science, maths, technology and more as you push the boundaries of materials and of yourself,” comments Fine Arts student Anthony Mauinatu.

He says studying fine arts at Whitecliffe has given him the freedom to think and explore beyond what is in front of him and find a way to express himself that makes sense to him but can be also understood by other generations.

“It has helped me to clarify my lens on life and art. This degree has helped me understand my current situation in life physically and mentally and culturally.”

The time and effort the faculty put into students is immeasurable, says Anthony, who says he felt very welcome and included from when he first walked through the main entrance.

“I felt like I’d been here all my life. And I cannot even start to count the amount of support I also get from students no matter what level, who are also not afraid to ask or lend a helping hand.”

Anthony Mauinatu