Ursula Utting

After completing bursary in English, Art History, Photography, Painting, and Design Ursula was aware of her creative bend but did not a strong leaning towards one discipline. She planned to attend Wellington Polytechnic and study Graphic Design but a turn of events meant she left her home town of Wellington to live and work in London for two years. It was while working for an advertising co. there that Ursula met some truly inspiring people (illustrators, musicians, and models) and became interested in a career within the fashion industry. After travelling for several months Ursula returned home at the end of 1999 and quickly moved up to Auckland.

Ursula found the description of the Whitecliffe Fashion Design major inspiring and the low tutor to student ratio appealing. She knew she wanted to study fashion and whilst Ursula knew the technical skills were important to gain, she also knew her artistic side was what needed to be developed to genuinely have a creative career. At Whitecliffe Ursula developed her keen sense of personal design.

When asked what she achieved at Whitecliffe Ursula replied 'So much'. Whitecliffe was enabling. It taught me techniques for making art, gave me real contacts in the fashion industry and confidence to make the most of those contacts, and most of all it taught me how much I am capable of. Now that I have been working for four years many people I meet don't know how creative I am, but my friends and family who know what I achieved at Whitecliffe or even saw it for themselves at our end of year shows constantly remind me how talented I am. They will hold me accountable to actually getting on with it and doing my own thing one day, and they are all so encouraging. This is something that continually buoys me and I have my years of study at the college to thank for getting ideas out of my head and into the open.

Ursula is currently working at Trelise Cooper as Production Co-ordinator for the 'Cooper' range.