Samantha Chapman

Fashion Design Year Four

“I enjoy the challenge of taking my designs from flat sketches and developing them into wearable garments,” says fourth year fashion student Samantha Chapman.

And she has a knack for it. Samantha won Whitecliffe’s first prize award in Year Two, was runner up in Year Three. Then, at the beginning of her fourth and final year, she undertook a month course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York that was funded by a scholarship from Whitecliffe.

The Body Contours course was an intensive introduction to sports wear design and stretch fabrics that involved students designing and making a figure skating costume.

“It was a great experience because I learned new skills and was able to specialise in four way stretch fabrics. This year for my collection I am focusing on tailoring using mainly wool and silks so having this exposure to stretch fabrics and more casual sportswear has made me think differently about designing, especially with sportswear as there are certain parameters to work within to make a functional garment,” says Samantha.

The New York experience also gave Samantha fresh appreciation of what Whitecliffe had to offer.

“At Whitecliffe we have close relationships with our tutors, rather than just being a name on a roll and I value our more structured fashion programme which enables us to develop our own concepts and ideas.”

She also loves having her own studio space at Whitecliffe and the ongoing access students have to the resources of other majors, such as the photography studios, computer labs and screen printing studio.

“Having our own studio spaces in the fashion department at Whitecliffe is a huge advantage.”

Samantha decided to study fashion because she was looking for a career that drew on her creativity.

“I also wanted to look forward to and be excited by what I was doing each day. Working in a fast moving and creative industry would challenge me and fulfil my ambitions for the career I aspire to.” she adds.

Samantha Chapman