Courtney Harper


Courtney is studying Fashion and Sustainability within the Master of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe after having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design in 2013 with the Whitecliffe Bachelor of Fine Arts Prize and with the top Fashion Design department award. In addition to these successes she was awarded the prestigious AGOTYA Australasian Graduate of the Year Award in Fashion Design in the year following her graduation.

Between graduating and her current MFA study Courtney travelled and immersed herself in workshops overseas that allowed her to develop her skills in natural dyeing, silk painting, natural leather-work methods, weaving and embroidery. Courtney says “My current research and the main point of my work is to discover the impact on health from the materials that we wear. I am always analysing the impact of established methods and figuring out new improved ways and processes for doing things.”

“Studying Fashion Design at Whitecliffe within the context of a BFA supported me in seeing fashion within a broader context. I enjoy the entire process of developing ideas, doing the research, translating concepts into designs, and then bringing them to life in tangible, wearable forms.”

Reflecting on her time in the BFA she says “The balance of creative freedom and theoretical teaching is one of the things I value most highly about Whitecliffe. The level of independence to focus on my own collection in my final year was liberating. Being the driver of my own work forced me to improve my time management and organisational skills.”

Courtney says “the teaching at Whitecliffe has not only extended my technical skills but more importantly my thinking, my design aesthetic and philosophy.”

Courtney Harper