Sophie Scally


“Fashion is a form of art you can wear and that emphasis is what I love about fashion design at Whitecliffe. Anything is acceptable but it is always expected to be at our highest skill level,” explains Fashion Design student Sophie Scally. This includes an annual end of year fashion show where students get to showcase their year’s collection to important industry guests.

“Throughout the year, we are offered internships with top New Zealand designers like Kate Sylvester, Liz Mitchell and Vicki Taylor which can help develop our careers. Internships offer great learning skills within the industry, exposure to well-known designers, possible job opportunities and all-round developing people skills.”

Additionally, Sophie was one of the Whitecliffe recipients of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia in 2016, travelling to India for a craft immersion experience.

“The creative freedom and theoretical teaching offered by Whitecliffe and the small and intimate approach of the Fashion Department creates a family atmosphere that I appreciate.” There is also collaboration across faculties so fashion students, for example, can access the photography studio.

“I have learnt how to think conceptually, giving clothing a purpose instead of just the function.”

Once she graduates, Sophie hopes to work for a fashion label she finds inspiring, such as Georgia Alice or Celine, to gain more experience before setting up her own label.

“I love the intense, creative and hands on work within the fashion industry. I have always had a great interest in the process of fashion design from developing my design ideas to constructing finished garments.”

Sophie Scally