Sophia Butler


Sophia started with the Foundation Certificate, moved into the Fashion Design major and is now part of the Master of Fine Arts programme focusing on Fashion and Sustainability. While on the BFA programme Sophia was a recipient of the 2014 Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, enabling her to visit India and broaden her knowledge in sustainable and ethical practices within the fashion supply chain.

Studying Fashion Design gave me the chance to develop a strong design ‘voice’ and come into my own, says Sophia. “We are given a lot of creative freedom and our lectures are really supportive of us researching and developing a deep context and understanding of our work. None of the work produced here is shallow or single faceted.”

“I love the amount of experimentation I am able to do. There is very rarely only one way to do something - so there are many boundaries that can be pushed.”

She decided to continue into the MFA programme because she is extremely interested in social and environmentally responsible fashion design.

“On completing my Masters in November, I hope to gain further practical experience under a small designer, as well as launching my own socially and environmentally responsible label. I feel I have been well prepared to do this at Whitecliffe and I’m looking forward to where the future takes me.”

Sophia Butler