Simone Claire

Simone Claire Clinical Arts Therapy

“As a visual learner I incorporated visual expression in a lot of my work at Whitecliffe which allowed for a greater depth to my learning experience,” says clinical arts therapist Simone Claire.

Since graduating in 2011, Simone has been building up her private practice in Dunedin. “It is about networking. I spent time facilitating workshops using design and marketing skills to promote my practice and clinical arts therapy.”

Generally her clients self refer or are referred by the Ministry of Social Development.

“I work alongside clients with complex needs who are experiencing trauma or have experience of historical trauma.”

This includes meeting with clients assessed as high complex needs (HCN) and attending regular meetings with other child, adolescent and family support agencies.

Simone admits that she is not a natural academic, but says she found confidence throughout her time at Whitecliffe.

“I was supported to reach my potential both on an academic and personal level. This in turn has helped me meet the rigorous demands of private practice.”

Simone Claire