Jennie Halliday

Jennie Halliday MAAT (Clinical) Student

“The encouragement and opportunities through Whitecliffe to work with clients as a trainee during the programme is invaluable. The curriculum is very practical and in touch with the profession,” declares Jennie Halliday, who has just completed her clinical – and final - year of her arts therapy master’s degree.

Jennie is employed as an arts therapist working with patients and families in a palliative setting. This job satisfied the placement requirements for her degree, along with a placement that involves running groups for teens at an intermediate school.

Jennie, who has a background in theatre and film-making, was attracted to arts therapy because of her personal belief in the healing power of psychotherapeutic work.

“Art, movement and drama expression provide innovative and deep ways to explore problems inhibiting potential for an individual.”

The combination of working in the field and experiencing the power of arts therapy first hand throughout the degree has helped solidify her previous study and build her confidence as a practitioner.

Jennie Halliday