Deborah Green

Deborah Green – MAAT (Clinical) Graduate

“I love watching people come alive when they realise they are free to experiment in a safe and non-judgmental space to create and re-create themselves,” says clinical arts therapist Deborah Green, who studied arts therapy after a work history in creative community development and adult education.

Since graduating from Whitecliffe in 2011, Deborah has worked in private practice as a clinical arts therapist, as well as running arts therapy workshops for Mental Health Advocacy Peer Support.

“I also recently completed a contract with CDHB, providing arts therapy to children struggling with earthquake related stress.”

Deborah also supervises art therapy student dissertations at Whitecliffe. While doing her own dissertation she was encouraged to explore her creative blocks using autoethnography, (a narrative approach that explores the writer's experience of life).

“This was a life-altering process, helping me to find new ways to work through obstacles and be creative both as artist and as therapist. I learned first hand how empowering arts therapy can be.”

Deborah Green