Cassandra Hendry

Cassandra Hendry – MAAT (Clinical) graduate

“Working with clients is my favourite part of my job. Every person is different and I never know what challenges will walk through the door on any given day,” says social services Clinical Arts Therapist Cassandra Hendry.

Cassandra works with children, and their families, to help them deal with experiences of trauma. After graduating in 2010, Cassandra secured her first arts therapist position through a clinical placement four days a week in one organisation, and one day with another.

“The not-for-profit sector was aware of arts therapy and was interested in employing arts therapists but - as one employer said - ‘arts therapists are as rare as hen’s teeth’.”

Cassandra enrolled in the Whitecliffe arts therapy master’s programme because it was the only postgraduate programme in New Zealand and she wanted New Zealand credentials that would be recognised overseas.

“Arts therapy is a growing industry in New Zealand, and opens up limitless opportunities for people who are interested in developing themselves and their communities in a caring, creative way.”

Cassandra Hendry