Yee Yang Lee

Yee Yang ‘Square’ Lee

“No two days are the same. I get to help others solve problems. I get to meet great people and choose who I work with. I can make a positive difference to others, and generate some social good,” says Yee Yang Lee, otherwise known as Square.

Since completing a master’s degree in arts management, Square has set up WhySquare Ltd, a boutique governance, arts and technology consultancy.

“Whitecliffe helped me focus and hone my love for arts management, and allowed me an opportunity to complete a thesis that brought together three key pathways of mine – law/governance, business and the arts.”

Excerpts from his thesis, Investigating Effective Governance in the New Zealand Arts Sector, has been published in New Zealand, Australia and in Canada. He recently received the 2013 ART Venture Award; a unique acceleration programme for creative entrepreneurs in the arts.

He says Whitecliffe’s low-residency approach worked well for him. He could continue working while furthering himself academically.

“I really enjoyed the concentrated, energising and thought provoking weekends, facilitated by the expert tutors and invited guests. The mutual sharing and learning was highly valuable.

Yee Yang Lee