Jan Wright

Jan Wright.

“My primary interest in studying arts management was to learn how to turn good ideas for arts events in Mercury Bay into great ideas and implement them more effectively on a grander scale,” says Master of Arts in Arts Management student Jan Wright, who has worked informally as an arts event facilitator for the past 10 years in Whitianga.

“A formal qualification places me in a stronger position to contribute to a community in a paid capacity.”

Jan says her knowledge and ability to contribute not only to the arts, but life in general, grew enormously during her study.

“I have been asked to think, and think hard. It’s been really challenging almost all the time, and on almost all fronts, and as a consequence my world has expanded.”

Jan first heard of Whitecliffe’s great reputation as an arts education provider when her grown up children were small. Nearly thirty years later, when contemplating an arts management qualification, Whitecliffe was the school Jan sought out.

“It seemed the obvious place to learn about arts management. It astounds me that arts management is taught in business schools in many countries. I am deeply grateful to be learning the art of arts management from an arts focussed college.”

She has found Whitecliffe a place that encourages enablement, collaboration and connection, and inspires a real desire to share and enjoy the greatness of the arts, she says.

“I absolutely love the connections I’ve made with other arts management students – these are very special connections because we share a great deal of ourselves in those weekends together. I am also personally known and accepted, warts and all, by many of the Whitecliffe staff who have my best interests at heart.”

Her study has also helped her see how much she has to offer the arts world and the world in general.

“This is a realisation of absolutely immense importance to me as a 57 year old. It has been hugely gratifying to work really hard and have my personal take on what I’m learning and processing be well received.”

Jan Wright