Student IT Help Info

Help outside of business hours

Whitecliffe have a dedicated IT help desk portal setup so that you can submit requests for support. Please when possible use this channel. Use your mywhitecliffe email address and password to submit tickets.

Help during business hours

Whitecliffe IT help desk is open 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Please use the IT help desk portal where possible. Otherwise you can email or call 09 6018951.

Password Resets after business hours

Whitecliffe students should have received an email with an invitation to enrol and a link to the site: Follow the directions below to enrol.

Step 1

Using your browser of choice navigate to the site: and login with your account; i.e. and password. Fill in the captcha field and click login.


Step 2

Once logged in for the first time you will be presented the message below. Click the Click Here link to go to the Enrollment page.


Step 3

During enrolment you setup methods to verify who you are when you no longer know your password. You have three options: Security Questions, Google Authenticator, and Verification Code. You can enrol using one or more methods. It is recommended to configure more than one.

Step 4

The first option is Security Questions. You must setup 2 security questions. Select your preferred question from the drop down menu. Then enter your answer (3 -255 characters) in the first box, and repeat your answer in the second. Repeat for the second question.


Step 5

The next option is Google Authenticator. Install the Google Authenticator app on your Android / iPhone / blackberry mobile phone. In Authenticator click the '+' to add a new account and scan the barcode image on the webpage. Enter the code generated in Authenticator into the field of item 3 on the webpage. Click Enroll.


Step 6

The last option is registering an alternate email address to receive a verification code. On the Verification Code page enter another email address that you would be able to access when attempting to reset your password. You can enter more than one by clicking the '+' button to the right of the field. Then click Enroll.