Student IT Help Info

Help outside of business hours

Whitecliffe have a dedicated IT help desk portal setup so that you can submit requests for support. Please when possible use this channel. Use your mywhitecliffe email address and password to submit tickets.

Help during business hours

Whitecliffe IT help desk is open 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Please use the IT help desk portal where possible. Otherwise you can email or call 09 6018951.

Remote Password Reset Instructions 

To change your password outside of the Whitecliffe network e.g. at home, follow the below instructions.

1) Using any internet browser navigate to
2) Enter in your student email address and then click on ‘Next’
3) You will now have a screen to enter in your password, click on ‘Forgot my password’


4) In the ‘User ID’ field enter in your student email address, it should already be populated with that info.

5) Enter in the capture info and then click on next 


6) You will have two options, select ‘I forgot my password’ and then click Next

7) There a three verification steps you can select from;

    1. Email my alternate email: This option will email your personal email address with the verification code. Your personal email address is already populated from your enrolment information

    1. Text my mobile: This option will send a text message with the verification code. This info is populated from your enrolment information

    1. Call my mobile: This will give you an automated call with the verification code 
For this example we have selected option a. Email my alternate email 


8) Click on Email

9) You will then receive an email at your alternate email address with the verification code, enter in the code received and then click on ‘Next’

10) You will now have a screen to enter in your new password, enter this in both fields and then click on Finish.

Password Requirements;

- Minimum of 8 characters

- Uppercase

- Lowercase

- Number

- Symbol

- Password cannot contain your name

Example password: Monday01!