Steve Carr

When I photograph my father’s arrangements of toys in his garden (Dad’s Art, 2005), pour 80kgs of popped popcorn onto a gallery floor (Popcorn Mountain, 2007), or outsource the production of life-sized carvings (Sausages on Sticks, 2007; Bear Rug, 2008), I am operating in a moment in which daily gestures engage with the essence of the larger exchanges that construct our society. On first encounter, my practice records small moments in our lives through considered retranslations of objects, balanced with visual beauty and modesty. I want viewers to initially respond with emotion, then with reason, as they begin to connect with the materiality of my work. For me, a successful artwork invariably sets its sights beyond its mere presence in space; it also opens dialogues, discussions and audience negotiation.

Steve Carr is represented in New Zealand by Michael Lett, Auckland and Kalimanrawlins, Melbourne. He has been a Lecturer in Fine Arts and Photography at Whitecliffe since 2006. He is the recipient of the 2012 James Wallace Fulbright Scholarship.