3D Printing and 3D Design


3-D Printing or additive manufacturing is a relatively new technology that enables production of three dimensional objects from digital files. This course, in collaboration with the company Dotterel, is targeted at those with no or limited experience with 3D printing. Whether you want to design a water-tight vase, lampshade, castle, stamp, or jewellery, Seamus Rowe and Anita Frost will help you gain the knowledge to achieve your goals. 

The tutors will guide you through bringing concepts to objects, with a small group of students (only 6 students) they will provide one to one time during class, helping you learn and aid in developing your design to be 3D printer ready!

At the end of this course you will know how to design and make something in CAD (Computer-aided drafting) and have it 3D printer ready, making your future creations with 3D printing easier. You will also leave with two small 3D prints and the tools and contacts to continue designing and creating! The team at Dotterel will be able to provide further advice, support and 3D printing service for your creations after the course.

Note from the tutor:

All material will be provided (in the limit of the production of 2 small objects per students). Open source 3D design software will be provided and available for download by students. Each students will create their own login and their work will be saved remotely so they will be able to continue working from home. Vernier calipers will be provided in class and available for purchase directly from the tutors. Access to 3D printers is provided during the course and beyond with the Dotterel team 

The 3 weeks course will run from Tuesday evening the 21st of March to Tuesday the 4th of March

Each class will start at 6pm and finish at 9pm.

About the tutors:

Seamus and Anita are both working for Dotterel, a technology based company based in the same building precinct as Whitecliffe:  Dotterel Website

Seamus Rowe:

Seamus is a mechatronics engineer who brings skills ranging from automation, programming, CAD design through to drone piloting (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs). In 2016 Seamus and the team from Dotterel were awarded “Most Innovative Product” at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, the world’s largest cinematography and broadcast convention. The award was for products prototyped using 3D printing and design.

Anita Frost:

Anita is currently in her last year of the MFA at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. With experience in developing concept to object, Anita will be helping you gain the right tools to make designs for 3D printing.




$250.00 PER TERM


Eventbrite - 3D PRINTING AND 3D DESIGN - Evening Course with Dotterel's team (3 weeks)

Please note:

  1. Students do not need to have completed a course in the previous term in order to enrol in a current or future term.
  2. Please read the course registration information and terms and conditions.
  3. A material list will be sent with the enrolment confirmation email.
  4. This course will run in Term: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4. Please check the 2017 Continuing Education Calendar for the terms dates.
  5. Enrolment to this course will close on Monday 13th of March

For any question regarding this course, please contact us directly.