How to apply

You can get information about Whitecliffe in a number of ways:

  • Call Reception on +64 9 309 5970 and ask for an information pack to be sent to you;

  • Contact the Marketing Manager Lianne Saunders Short Courses Competition

  • If you are in Auckland New Zealand come in (with family or friends) to see the campus facilities and to learn about what Whitecliffe can offer you.  Tours must be booked in advance - please ring Reception on +64 9 309 5970 to arrange a time.


If you would like to apply either download and print the

or contact Short Courses Competition to have one posted to you.

When applying please ensure that all documents requested in the Application form are included

  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport

  • Tertiary transcripts (if applicable)

  • Passport Photo

  • Secondary School Records (if applicable)

  • Letter of intent

  • IELTS (or equivalent) certificate verifying English language level. If in New Zealand we can arrange for English language testing at one of our partner English language Schools

  • No Application fee  is required for International applications.


This is NOT required for an Application to the CERTIFICATE programmes.

Please do not include your portfolio with the Application. You will be required to bring a Portfolio to your allocated interview. Students who are overseas at the time of applying can send their portfolio via email or disc. The portfolio should include between 10 - 20 examples of original works that are either drawings, paintings, photographs or designs.




Both Certificate programmes are 18 weeks in duration and there are two intakes per year:

February (Semester One) and July (Semester Two)

Enrolment is on a first come / first served basis. Once the programme is full no further enrolments will be taken. There are approximately 70 places and it is advisable to apply at least three months before commencement  to ensure that a place is available and that there is sufficient time to apply for and be issued with a student visa to study at Whitecliffe. Students are not precluded from applying earlier and as long as a place is available students can apply right up until the commencement of the course

The only requirement for entry to this programme is a minimum English language level of 5.5 IELTS (or equivalent)






Applications for the BFA which commences each year in mid February, close on October 31 each year. Students do not need to wait until October 31 to file an application. Applications for the Bachelor of Fine Arts for the following year are accepted from the commencement of the year and interviews are scheduled from the beginning of Semester 2 in July.

An Offer of Place for this programme is based upon:

  • A minimum English language level of 6.0 IELTS (or equivalent).

  • Portfolio

  • Interview


Once an application is received by the Admissions Office the process will be as follows:

  1. The applying student will be invited to an interview with faculty from the programme for which the applicant has applied.  If the applicant is overseas the interview can be conducted by phone or via skype.

  2.  A student who is accepted by Whitecliffe will be sent ‘An Offer of Place’ letter, a  'Confirmation of Acceptance' letter, a Statement of Fees and a Payment of Fees contract.

  3. The Confirmation of Acceptance letter (verifying that you will be taking the place offered) and the Payment of Fees contract  must be returned to Whitecliffe by the date stated (within two weeks of the Offer being made)

  4.  Once  the tuition fees have been paid in full (to the Public Trust Office of New Zealand)  the student will be sent a ‘Verification of Fee Payment’ letter.

  5. Verification of Payment of Fees is required by Immigration New Zealand when deciding whether to issue a Student Visa.


  1. International students need to allow sufficient time for the visa application to be lodged with and processed by Immigration New Zealand

  2.  No student will be permitted to commence study at Whitecliffe without a valid student visa to study at Whitecliffe.