Michelle O'Neill

Michelle (Mish) O’Neill -

Photography Year Two

“I really enjoy the research factor and all the knowledge you accumulate on your way to gaining a BFA. Being able to come to studios every day and experiment with new techniques and ideas is exciting. Fine arts is a great way to express your views and creativity,” says Year Two Photography student Mish O’Neill.

Mish finds the tutors very supportive.

“They always take time to make you aware of what extra things you could be doing in the community to advance your study.”

One of her top achievements so far has been winning a placement on the Image Nation website. As well as winning cash and other photo related prizes, she was also automatically entered into the 2014 Image Nation Annual Photography Award.

“I feel I’m learning and developing a lot through the programme, achieving at a level I had never thought possible.”

Michelle O'Neill