Veronika Djoulai

Veronika Djoulai – Fine Arts Year Three

“Having the freedom to explore my own ideas has led me to create new works that even a year ago I would never have imagined possible,” says Year Three Fine Arts student Veronika Djoulai.

Veronika arrived at Whitecliffe hoping to improve her technical abilities, and to explore new mediums and subjects. She has found all that, and more.

Like many students, she relishes having the freedom to make her own artistic explorations – but she finds the process enhanced by Whitecliffe’s structure and discipline.

“Working to deadlines and receiving feedback, both positive and negative, is motivational,” says Veronika, who was overall winner of the 2013 Eden Arts Art School Award, and also won a NZ Art Show Emerging Artist Award.

“These achievements are an indication of the positive direction that my study has taken me in. The confidence that comes with these achievements is priceless and will help me through my career.”

Veronika Djoulai