Blair Wheeler

Blair Wheeler – Fashion Design Year Three

“Whitecliffe is small and intimate, and when you commit to doing something to the best of your ability it’s reassuring to have more tutor time and be treated as an individual,” says Year Three Fashion student Blair Wheeler.

He chose to study Fashion Design at Whitecliffe for three main reasons: “I was sold on the level of hands-on time. We have a fashion show at the end of each year where we get to show our year’s collection and we all get amazing opportunities to work in the fashion industry with well-known designers.”

Whitecliffe’s industry ties are working well for Blair who has had the opportunity to work with a range of designers, stylists and photographers.

“I have been noticed through our end-of-year fashion shows, and have built strong relationships with important people in the fashion industry, whom I know will look after me when I start my own career.”

Blair Wheeler